Driver Training With CameraMatics & Vehicle Cameras

You may think that the primary purpose of a CameraMatics system is to record footage in case one of your vehicles is in an accident. However, in a recent article, we discussed the many other benefits of CameraMatics. A significant advantage of a connected camera system is the ability to use vehicle cameras for driver training.

Posted 19 Dec 2021

In our case study with McCulla Transport, we learned how CameraMatics has improved McCulla’s fleet safety. As a result it has increased their yearly profits. We were delighted to discover that McCulla use our systems not only for recording accidents but use footage from our vehicle cameras for driver training too.

How Did They Do It?

It’s simple really. Using their telematics system, McCulla were able to spot instances of heavy braking or erratic driving. They then referred to the footage from CameraMatics system to see what caused these incidents. Sometimes the drivers were not at fault and in fact did well to avoid having a serious accident e.g. an animal running across the road. Other times the footage would show that the drivers made an unnecessary driving error or were not paying attention. In these cases, the fleet operator would review the footage with the driver and explain to them how to avoid these types of incidents in the future. This training has reduced unnecessary and potentially costly incidents for McCulla.

Through CameraMatics, McCulla also trained their drivers to drive more fuel efficiently. We discussed this is depth in a previous article – How Vehicle Camera Systems Can Save You Thousands On Fuel.

By using the CameraMatics system this way, McCulla are making full use of our systems and are really getting their money’s worth.

Real Results

The results are incredible.

  • Their driver training has resulted in a 4.8% improvement in their driver scorecard.
  • Due to improved driving, McCulla were able to get their insurers to part-fund the CameraMatics system.
  • It has also halved the work for their staff involved in dealing with our claims and legal work.
  • They have seen a 3% improvement in fleet MPG due to economical driving training. This translates to savings of up to £70K to £80K annually!

In total, McCulla estimates around £200K per year in savings!

During the interview, Brian said:

The year-on-year comparison was impressive. That’s both in terms of improved driver behaviour and the savings we’ve enjoyed. I also have to say that the saved fraud attempts alone would have paid for this system for us, so everything else is a bonus. But I guess, from an insurance point of view, and possibly the reason that our insurers agreed to co-fund the system has been the improvement in our drivers’ scores, making them safer drivers, which obviously reduces our fleet risk.”