Introducing the new and improved CameraMatics Fleet Safety Centre

Posted 14 May 2021

Today we have released an exciting new update to the CameraMatics Suite, the new and improved Fleet Safety Centre. Today’s release is the first of a two-part update; the second stage upgrade will happen in the next few weeks. We will of course provide full information at that time.

The key change is the introduction of a new home screen within the Fleet Safety CentreThis provides a one-screen, easy to understand, overview of fleet safety and compliance. Think of this as the safety equivalent of the familiar CameraMatics Dashboard which presents you with a complete overview of your fleet, hardware status, tracking, etc.

CameraMatics Platform Landing Page

How does the new and improved Fleet Safety Centre help you?

The Fleet Safety Centre now gives you even more visibility over the safety of your drivers and vehicles. You have a clear, top-line view of everything you need to see – all on one screen. The home screen shows measurable metrics enabling you to easily view your fleet, identify issues and track progress.

The CameraMatics Suite is designed to make fleet operators’ lives easier and the new and improved Fleet Safety Centre is another important milestone for customers.

Fleet Safety Center Overview Screenshot

Fleet Safety Centre Overview

You can now view on one screen, all key top-line fleet safety and administration information, including:

  • Vehicle Checklists – status, schedules, etc

  • Accidents

  • Documentation and Compliance (To Dos)

  • Fleet Driver Scorecards

  • Fleet Information – including vehicles, drivers and fuel card information.


Clicking on any of the individual widgets takes you to the specific area and allows you to dig deeper. For instance, clicking on the bright green ‘Healthy’ box within the CHECKLISTS panel will take you to a screen showing all checklists with a ‘healthy’ status (i.e., completed and with no issues).

Similarly, clicking on the Driver Scorecard widget will take you to the Driver Scores overview where you can look at overall fleet scores, as well as drilling down into individual driver scores, looking at Score, Rank and Trend for all the different scoring metrics (Speeding, Braking, Harsh-Steering, Fatigue, Phone Use and Distraction). See our recent post Introducing Driver Scorecard Technology for more details about Driver Scorecard.

cameramatics fleet safety center menu


The Fleet Information Centre menu at the top right is unchanged. From here you can access all the different sections of the Fleet Safety Centre as you did before – Accident History, Fleet Admin, Fuel Purchases, Vehicle Assignment, and Driver Scores.

Clicking ‘HOME’ (at the top of the screen) from anywhere in the Fleet Safety Centre will take you back to this handy overview screen.

You can also click ‘DASHBOARD’ at the top of the page to take you to your familiar CameraMatics Dashboard where you can check the status of your fleet, hardware, Driving Alerts and so on.

What has changed? 

Previously, logging in to the Fleet Safety Centre would take you to the notifications section. Here would be presented with a simple table outlining key information.

As well as showing more information, the new Fleet Safety Centre home screen is presented in a much more visual, user-friendly way. Navigating is easy and intuitive.

We think you will find the update helpful, but we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you need assistance with the platform, please do contact the support team by emailing [email protected].

CameraMatics Suite

CameraMatics Suite is our complete Fleet Risk Management solution. For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, CameraMatics Suite customers enjoy full visibility and complete control over vehicles and drivers. As well as complete video live tracking of every vehicle and driver, instant on-demand video with remote download, and hardware status alerts, CameraMatics Suite provides a full range of functionalityincluding:

Desktop and Mobile Apps for instant access anytime, anywhere

  • Real-time accident reporting 
  • Live alerts and notifications to any device
  • Driver Scorecard Technology
  • Paperless, verified vehicle checks
  • Complete compliance management 
  • Document Storage