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Transform safety, save lives

Reduce risk

According to CPWR, each month about five workers are killed and many more injured as a result of being hit or backed over by a construction vehicle.

Operating construction vehicles brings a range of risks and responsibilities. Creating and maintaining a culture of safety around drivers and vehicles is key to avoiding accidents.

CameraMatics helps businesses understand, predict and manage risk - and in doing so improve safety and reduce accidents.

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Two diggers or 200 trucks...

CameraMatics has the perfect solution for you

Industry-leading solutions for construction businesses. 

We know you rely on vehicles to keep your business moving. Vehicles and drivers are two of your most important assets; it pays to prioritize their safety, security and efficiency.

Drive your business ahead of the competition with CameraMatics.

OSHA estimates that construction companies can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested in safety programs and drastically reduce the number of deaths and injuries each year.

Implementing CameraMatics improves safety, reduces accidents and cuts insurance and other costs. Our customers achieve full ROI on a three-year plan in just 5-7 months.

Our team will work with you to identify the very best solution setup for your vehicles. Below are two of the most popular configurations for construction vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


3 Camera System

Safety is paramount for construction vehicles, whether on a busy building site or making regular drops.

This popular, cost-effective 3-camera setup for construction vehicles increases the driver's visibility, creating a safer environment for all. 

A driver-facing camera and audible alerts are regular additions to this configuration. 

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360˚ View System

For complete visibility around the vehicle, many construction companies opt for five or more cameras. 

We recommend adding audible alerts to ensure pedestrians and co-workers are fully aware of vehicles at all times. 

Customers have the option to add a driver-facing camera to all configurations.

CameraMatics customers have achieved incredible results

Insurance Costs

Average savings of 20% per year on insurance-related costs


100% ROI in just 7 months on average

Reduced Collisions

23% reduction in accident claims

Driver Assist

72% drop in erratic or unsafe driving behaviour

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