CameraMatics Platform Integrations With Trucks In the Background

Vehicle agnostic

Our platform can be deployed to any vehicle type.

Complete visibility and control

Mounted connected cameras give you the total picture – with both live feed and recorded footage available on demand.

Every vehicle, every data point

Full-vehicle sensors provide detailed GPS and telematic data so you can see the status of every vehicle.

CameraMatics Integrations of Observe, Automate, Inform and Improve

Open API

Integrate existing kit with our APIs and add new modules, units or vehicles as and when you need them.

CameraMatics Platform Integrations

Smart workflows

Automate manual processes

Eliminate the dangers of 'phone checking' with joined up fleet management solution

Artificial intelligence

ADAS and DMS AI triggered smart driver and fleet manager alerts, notifications and auto-capture road incidents on video.

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Compliance

Edge compute

CameraMatics DRIVE is our discrete, secure and tamper-proof. 4, 8 and 16 channel recording and storage edge compute device.

"CameraMatics can be the difference between winning and losing"

Powell's Motorsport

A solution tailored to you

Our flexible platform consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.