AI Cameras Predict Imminent Collisions And Send Instant In-Cab Feedback

Prevent accidents with AI fleet camera system

Machine Vision AI cameras predict imminent collisions and send instant in-cab feedback, giving drivers time to react and avoid accidents.

In-cab DMS dash cams warn drivers when they detect distraction or fatigue and provide performance analytics to inform driver coaching.

  • Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and FORS/ CLOCS compliance

  • Capture crystal clear HD footage of any risky event in-cab, on the road and around your vehicles.

  • Video evidence to support faster insurance claims processing

CameraMatics Tachograph Data Allows You To View Drivers And Their Status In A Live Map

Track HOS with tachograph remote data download

Digitizing your tachograph data allows you to view drivers and their status in a live map including start time, time remaining, next break due, next rest due and much more.

  • See infringements, print out driver debriefs, run reports for missing mileage and update unknown periods.

  • Know in real-time who is within safe limits for the next job.

  • Coach and incentivize individual performance and compliance.

Make Ongoing Fleet Management Efficient With Our Mobile App

Reduce paperwork with mobile app

Make ongoing fleet management efficient. Processes such as driver coaching, accident reports, FNOL, safety checks and delivery reports shared by remote workers in real time.

  • Pre-trip and post-trip maintenance and safety checks.

  • Remote accident reporting.

  • Live alerts, notifications and live stream connected cameras anywhere.

CameraMatics Live Tracking System

Safeguard your fleet

Protect vehicles, prevent unauthorized use and receive alerts with geofencing when your vehicles go beyond the approved routes and virtual boundaries.

  • Set geo-boundaries around loading spots, rest areas, destinations and receive automated reports.

  • Estimate ETAs, adjust proposed trips, and keep shipping and other activities on time.

  • Set route deviation alerts.

CameraMatics Tracking Platform

Improve fleet efficiency 

Actionable data insights to take practical steps to reduce fuel wastage and operating costs.

  • Set fuel cost, mpg or mileage targets for depots, teams or individuals.

  • Track vehicle utilization, fill ups, fuel used and MPG.

  • Integrate tacho and fuel cards.

  • Accurately identify non-compliance


Incentivize good performance

Track driver performance with league tables to put KPIs at the heart of the day-to-day running of your fleet.

  • League tables linked to excessive idling, cruise control usage, coasting, harsh breaking and accelerating.

  • Track how driving has improved or deteriorated over time.

  • Promote eco safe driving styles.

Video footage evidence support investigations

Investigate complaints from members of the public, using video evidence and supporting data to confirm that an incident took place.

Explore more via our other fleet management system video.


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