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CameraMatics Benefits

Telematics gives you the data; CameraMatics gives you the whole picture

Protect Vehicles & Drivers

CameraMatics will ensure you keep control of vehicle and driver safety, whether you are in the office or on the road.

Video and telematics in one view

Video and telematics in one view

Tracking, telematics and video on a single platform - key information is no more than 3 clicks away. Get immediate insight and a complete picture of vehicle, driver and safety performance.
Mobile Apps for access on the move

Manager App for access on the move

The Manager App gives you all the tracking/telematics and video downloads you view in our desktop version. Take complete control on any device, anywhere, any time.
Cut accidents, fake claims & insurance

Cut fraudulent claims & insurance costs

Access video evidence, driver behaviour statistics and proof of safety-checks after accidents or incidents. Get the facts on-demand to limit liability and keep vehicles on the road.
Accident reporting

Driver technology to prevent collisions

The Driver App has paperless pre-checks, and video reviews can identify training needs. Plus AI-enabled warnings - Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.

Protect your investment and reputation

Shield your drivers, vehicles and organisation. Faster insurance pay-outs keep vehicles moving; and video proves delivery, deters theft, exonerates drivers and demonstrates safety compliance.

Our clients have achieved...



per year on insurance-related costs

100 %


within 7 months on average



in erratic/unsafe driving behaviour



in accident claims



vehicle checking
with evidence

Your Challenge

CameraMatics’ Solution

Risk Management

Full visibility on potential issues. Risk levels controlled by your organisation with full resolution process. Bespoke integration with your company rules is possible using our in-house team of Software Developers.

Driver Safety

Driver App with paperless vehicle checks, and emergency 'hot button' to notify key people, plus clear accident reporting process. Pinpoint accuracy of driver location to send help, as well as Covid-19 safety messaging.

Driver Management

Speeding or erratic driving notification, plus tracking, trip and geo-fencing. Video replay up to 8 weeks (download to store on your computer). Driver ScoreCard to reward good driving or re-train poor driving. Health & Safety procedure checking and fuel management.

Collision Avoidance

Improve driving habits through video coaching. AI-enabled driver warnings, such as Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.

Accident Reporting

Driver App with step-by-step process for reporting accidents, including required fields and prompts to take photos/video - all stored in the system with email notification for managers.

Insurance Control

Video evidence to limit liability and reject fraudulent claims. Cameras to capture proof of delivery and deter theft from vehicles. Definitive evidence and comprehensive fleet road-worthiness records to reduce insurance-related costs.

Proof of Compliance

MOT, VRT, Tax, Insurance and Servicing renewal warnings. Video and documentary evidence that Health & Safety, as well as company rules, were followed. All stored in the cloud with on-demand retrieval to prove regulatory compliance.


Grow and Expand

CameraMatics grows with you, enabling you to add additional modules as you expand. Our team of in-house Software Developers will ensure CameraMatics is always a good fit.

We are a full-stack SaaS solution, which means we control and develop the entire software application; from front-end (user interface) to the back end (database and internal architecture) and the code that connects the two.

Talk to one of our experts to get impartial advice from a trusted source. CameraMatics is a future proof investment.

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