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Transform safety to save lives

Many construction sector accidents and incidents are vehicle-related.

Most are avoidable. 

At CameraMatics we have years of experience helping construction companies improve vehicle-related safety and reduce accidents. 

Our award-winning solutions offer 360˚ protection for your drivers, your vehicles - and your business. Request your free Fleet Safety Consultation today. 

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Two diggers or 200 trucks...

We have the perfect solution for you

We provide industry-leading solutions to help construction businesses run safe, smart and efficient vehicle fleets. 

We know you rely on vehicles to keep your business moving. Vehicles and drivers are two of your most important assets; it pays to prioritise their safety, security and efficiency.

Let CameraMatics help you drive your business ahead of the competition.

CameraMatics customers have improved safety and efficiency

Insurance Costs

Average savings of 20% per year on insurance-related costs


100% ROI in just 7 months on average

Reduced Collisions

23% reduction in accident claims

Driver Assist

72% drop in erratic or unsafe driving behaviour

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Toulouse Plant Hire, London UK

"This equipment has had a marked effect in reducing the number of incidents in which our vehicles have been involved".

Ken Condell Testimonial

Condell Ltd, London, UK

"CameraMatics fitted five cameras to all our commercial trucks and VW Crafter vans and we have found them a great advantage. We can see exactly what happened in real-time from all angles, moments after an accident happened."


3 Camera System

Safety is paramount for construction vehicles, whether on a busy building site or making regular drops.

This popular, cost-effective 3-camera setup for construction vehicles increases the driver's visibility, creating a safer environment for all. 

A driver-facing camera and audible alerts are regular additions to this configuration. 

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360˚ View System

For complete visibility around the vehicle, many construction companies opt for five or more cameras. 

We recommend adding audible alerts to ensure pedestrians and co-workers are fully aware of vehicles at all times. 

Customers have the option to add a driver-facing camera to all configurations.

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