The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) was introduced in 2019, outlining the ‘Safe System’, ensuring operators in London use the latest safety technology and equipment. 

Specifically targeting vehicles over 12T. 

DVS is a progressive scheme, intended to be updated as required, with the Safe System under constant review. From October 28th, 2024, the initiative will evolve to be the ‘Progressive Safe System’ (PSS), which will increase the minimum DVS rating for HGVs entering and operating in Greater London from 1 star to 3 stars. Vehicles less than 3 stars must fit the PSS and provide proof to obtain the DVS permit.  

Transport for London says that there will be a three-month grace period from the start date for operators to comply with the new requirements. 


New Requirements

Truck Cabin Camera Monitoring System

Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS)

Guidance will be updated to allow the use of both mirrors and mirror-replacement Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS). Ensuring the driver has a wider field of vision and a reduced cognitive workload. 

CMS fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots. To ensure visual alerts are given of approaching vulnerable road users and to prevent collisions in blind spot areas. 

Truck Sensors Nearside


Sensors must ensure full coverage down the nearside of rigid vehicles to detect vulnerable road users.

They must not activate in relation to roadside furniture or stationary vehicles. To prevent left turn collisions.

For articulated trailers, sensors must be fitted to the front tractor unit but are recommended for the trailer where possible.

Direct Vision Standard Truck Sensor

Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS)

MOIS sensors must be fitted to the front of a vehicle to prevent collisions at the frontal blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from rest.

CameraMatics Audible Left Turn Alert For a HGV

Audio Warning Systems

An audio warning system must be fitted to warn vulnerable road users of intended manoeuvres.

This includes left-hand drive vehicles.

Ensuring all vehicles have the ability to warn of an intended manoeuvre.

Unchanged Requirements:

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