Active fleet monitoring

Your fleet at a glance

See your fleet at a glance, enjoy live streaming from any vehicle you choose, and manage logistics all from a single dashboard. Geo-fencing also gives you total control over what vehicles go where, and visibility when vehicles enter or leave pre-determined areas.

The benefits

We lower the total cost of ownership of your fleet

cameramatics platform laptop phone workflows screen

Communications in your hand

Stay in touch and manage your team from a single dashboard

CameraMatics makes it easy to monitor your team, wherever they are. Understand who is where at a glance, keep your drivers updated as assignments or routes change, and enable drivers to automatically report accidents or incidents straight from the app.

Digital checklists

Manage vehicle inspections
and more

CameraMatics supports customisable and interactive checklists for vehicle inspections and more. It’s easy to create vehicle or situation specific lists, and simple for drivers to complete them – including attaching photo and video updates where required. And we log where and when checklists were completed.
driver vehicle checking smartphone

Driver workflows

Making it easy for drivers to manage their day

CameraMatics digitises common driver workflows. From checking in at the start of the day and for every job that follows. And if things go wrong, we help ensure that incidents and accidents are dealt with promptly, and FNOL is timely and accurate.

fuel reporting

Fuel efficiency

Manage and reduce your total fuel bill

See how vehicles and drivers shape up when it comes to fuel efficiency, and highlight and reduce problematic behaviours. CameraMatics can help save up to 15% on your fuel bills by enabling every element of your fleet to operate with maximum efficiency.