Bobtailing - A Semi-Truck Is on The Road Without a Trailer


Bobtailing refers to the act of driving a semi-truck on the road without a trailer, which typically occurs when drivers are on their way to pick up a load but have nothing to transport to the destination. While it is not a common practice among truck drivers, bobtailing can be dangerous as it creates driving conditions that differ significantly from those of a loaded truck, potentially leading to accidents that result in serious injuries or worse. Truck drivers are trained on how to handle bobtailing, and they learn to anticipate the truck’s handling changes when it is not loaded.

However, a bobtailing truck is more challenging to handle since most of its weight is on the front tires without much on the rear ones.

Consequently, a bobtailing truck cannot brake as hard and requires more stopping distance, increasing the risk of accidents if drivers are not careful. Despite this, any efforts that help reduce semi-truck accidents are always a good thing.