CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows Driver Data

The all-in-one sustainable driving app

Caring for our environment starts with how we treat it.

MySafeDrive combines the most effective actions a driver can take today to care for our planet and communities.

  • Track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life.

  • Improve driving style with personalized performance profile.

  • No hardware

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows How Much CO2 Emission Data

Eco-safe driving

The way you drive significantly impacts on the environment.

Based on eco-safe driving principles – a combination of Safe driving, Defensive driving and Anticipatory driving – mysafedrive mobile app enables you to use your vehicle in the most environmentally efficient way to improve road safety, reduce fuel and EV battery consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Develop a driving style that is both ecological and economical.

  • Save on fuel, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

  • Increase the life of the engine and reduce the need to change tires and brake pads.

  • Lower insurance costs, reduce stress, increase road safety.

The easiest and most accurate way to track your impact.

CameraMatics My Safe Drive System On Laptop and Mobile

Accelerate the shift

For sustainable businesses

Develop engaging employee sustainability programs.

Accomplish your ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) goals and nurture a sustainable workforce.

  • See driver performance, vehicle info and environmental impact.

  • Engage employees who use their own vehicle to accurately track business related Scope 3 emissions.

  • Track vehicles, manage their insurance policies, accidents and maintenance without installing any physical hardware.

Your personal sustainable driving action plan

The all-in-one platform to start your net zero journey

Start fighting against climate change today!

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