Announcing Powell’s Motorsport Sponsorship

Posted 31 Mar 2022
Steve Powell - Owner & Driver Powell's Motorsports

CameraMatics is delighted to announce the motor racing sponsorship and partnership of Powell’s Motorsport, at the British Truck Racing Championships, the first race of the season is on the 16th of April, hosted at Brands Hatch. Throughout the season the championship attracts between 250,000 and 300,000 spectators to seven action-packed truck races.

With our CameraMatics vehicle operations cloud platform we empower Powell’s Motorsport to race with greater confidence, as our solution offers the drivers and their teams a 360-degree birds-eye view of all their vehicles and surroundings.

How are we empowering Powell’s Motorsport:

  • 8 Cameras onboard including forward facing, driver facing, side facing, rear facing & cameras viewing the brakes.

  • In-cab driver monitor features the rear facing cameras enabling the driver to monitor tailgating and other manoeuvres of those racers behind them attempting to pass them out.

  • Trackside support technical team views live feeds from all onboard cameras enabling them to give feedback.

  • Post event all footage is used by the driver and technical team to review driver performance and work on improvements for the next race.

We have been working with Powell’s Motorsport for several years and are extremely excited for the 2022 season and beyond.

Through our partnership with Powell’s Motorsport, we are excited to showcase how the CameraMatics vehicle operations cloud platform responds to the environment of these high-octane races, where snap-fire decision making is an integral requirement for that first-place position. With our technology, we help Powell’s Motorsport be the first across the finish line.