CameraMatics: From the drivers perspective

Posted 20 Jun 2024

Here’s the truth: drivers love CameraMatics. Sure, some aren’t convinced the first time they are told a ‘camera’ will be watching them as they drive, especially seasoned drivers, who initially had concerns about privacy and the feeling of being watched, but the reality is different. Once they saw the systems in place and could see the benefits of our innovative safety technology, their attitudes shifted dramatically. 

“We’re trying to eliminate the accidents on our equipment and our people. Even with the mirrors, we do have those blind spots, the CameraMatics cameras showed us the whole side of the truck. I have a driver that was in two involvements, and it cleared him because of these cameras”.

Roger Mealey, Driver Manager, CW Wright

Overcoming initial resistance 

At first, some drivers expressed concerns about continuous monitoring and data privacy saying things like “It feels like Big Brother is watching me” and “I don’t need cameras or new technology; I’ve been driving for X years”. They were worried that the system might foster distrust between them and management and felt their professional judgment and driving experience was being questioned.  

“Our drivers were a little nervous at first, which is natural with any new technology, but any apprehension evaporated after a couple of days. Our drivers know we’re on their side; we value them, and this is another way of showing that we’re looking after them.”

William Martin from Martins Coaches

We see where they’re coming from, but that’s not what CameraMatics is about.  

Building trust and demonstrating value 

Our goal with CameraMatics is not to monitor drivers unnecessarily or to undermine drivers, it is to support them, prevent accidents and improve overall safety. The system helps drivers by giving them an extra set of eyes and ears on the road, ensuring they arrive home safely. 

“We use CameraMatics in the van for security. It keeps us informed if we’re driving too fast. It’s a second set of eyes. Extra help is always appreciated.”

Sandy Swaine, Driver, Greenway Couriers

The idea that fleet managers have time to watch drivers is fanciful. The AI in the camera is doing the work, proactively preventing accidents before they happen. Like anyone else, drivers want to stay alive and love knowing they have this reliable support in place.  

Here’s how we’ve turned initial uncertainty into widespread acceptance and appreciation: 

Enhanced safety and support: 

One of the key features drivers have come to appreciate is the fatigue and distraction alerts. These in-cab voice activated warnings help drivers recognize and address when they are drowsy or if they take their eyes off the road for a prolonged period of time, before it leads to an accident. 

If there was technology that could alert you when you’re falling asleep behind the wheel of your car, wouldn’t you want it? It’s the same for commercial drivers. They love our proactive approach to keeping them safe.  

Additionally, the training provided through real-life incidents and driver behaviors captured by our systems helps drivers to continuously enhance their skills and increase road safety. Even the most experienced drivers find value in this approach. As they say, you learn something new every day.  

Clear exoneration and fraud prevention: 

Drivers also benefit from the system’s ability to provide clear evidence in the event of an accident. For example, fraudulent claims like “swoop and squat” scams can be a significant concern. With CameraMatics, clear video footage can exonerate drivers, protecting them from wrongful blame and safeguarding their professional reputation. This is highly valued by drivers who appreciate the peace of mind it provides. 

Brian McCulla from McCulla Transport shared a compelling real-life story of how CameraMatics instantly cleared one of his drivers after a fatal accident.  

“It was a Saturday morning, and I received a call from one of our drivers who was in Northern France. Another driver had come across two lanes of traffic and crashed into the rear of our truck. Unfortunately, that driver was killed on impact and there were no witnesses to the incident, so the French police were looking to arrest our driver until the circumstances could be clarified.

The CameraMatics system really saved us that day for two reasons. Firstly, we had rear-facing cameras and so the system captured the whole incident. Secondly, thanks to remote access to the footage on the vehicle, we were able to access the video, download it and forward to the French authorities within the hour. The footage totally exonerated our driver and although shaken, he was able to make his way home rather than spending a day or more in a French cell”.

This incident highlighted the critical role CameraMatics plays in protecting drivers and providing clear evidence when it matters most. 

Streamlining Workflows 

Looking at it from a more practical point of view, drivers enjoy is the streamlined workflows offered by CameraMatics. Tasks such as digital daily vehicle checks, recording hours of service, and having all necessary documentation in one place significantly reduces the administrative burden on drivers. With everything available at the click of a button, drivers can focus more on driving and less on paperwork. 

Enhanced communication 

Enhanced communication with fleet managers keeps drivers informed about re-routing, traffic conditions, weather changes, and road hazards. This real-time communication is crucial for maintaining safety and efficiency on the road. In emergencies, the system allows for quick contact with fleet managers, ensuring that drivers are never left to handle critical situations on their own. 

Environmental impact 

Globally, everybody in every industry is searching for sustainable options. Our vehicle telematics provide feedback on driving habits that impact fuel efficiency, encouraging drivers to adopt greener driving methods. This helps reduce fuel costs and contributes to the company’s sustainability goals. By tracking and reducing carbon emissions, CameraMatics helps drivers and companies alike play their part in being more environmentally friendly.

From reluctance to reliance 

CameraMatics’ fleet safety solutions have effectively turned initial scepticism into enthusiastic support from drivers. By addressing concerns transparently and showcasing the substantial benefits of enhanced safety, real-time video footage, streamlined workflows, and efficient operations, drivers trust CameraMatics to support and aid them in their daily activities. Our dedication to driver safety and support is echoed in the positive feedback we receive from customers, affirming us as a trusted partner in fleet safety.