Introducing Driver Scorecard Technology

The best technology never stops evolving. This philosophy is key to everything we do at CameraMatics and we regularly add new features to our platform and products. Driver Scorecard is one of the latest – and most exciting – developments.

Posted 2 Dec 2021

Customers are right at the heart of CameraMatics. And it is drivers who are at the centre of our customers’ businesses. Fleets need drivers. Fleets need excellent drivers.

But with a busy fleet, how do you know how individual drivers are doing without waiting until something goes wrong? Many customers tell us they would like to be able to see – at a glance – how particular drivers are doing.

Our customers asked: we delivered.

Driver Scorecard technology

The new CameraMatics Driver Scorecard is one of the latest features in our fleet management software.

A driver scorecard isn’t about telling drivers off or being ‘big brother’. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The driver scorecard shows – with evidence – just how good your drivers are. Driver Scorecard is a powerful tool for rewarding, motivating, and training drivers. Of course, although most drivers are keen to be the best they can, complacency can set in and standards can slip over time. Drivers can exhibit risky driving behaviours.

Risky driving costs lives.

Driver buy-in and involvement is key to successful, safe, and consistent driving across your fleet.


Does driving quality matter as long as things get from A to B?

The answer is an unequivocal YES!

Good drivers are good for your business. High-quality driving leads to fewer accidents and incidents. It goes without saying that accidents and incidents are expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Avoiding them is a high priority for all fleet operators.

The biggest factor impacting fleet safety and efficiency is drivers.

Better drivers contribute to savings across your fleet. These include greater efficiency and lower fuel costs, lower wear and tear on vehicles, as well as the more obvious lower insurance premiums and payouts, reduction in accident repair costs and vehicle off-the-road costs.

But that’s not all. Prioritizing excellent driving quality is also important for your company profile. Your vehicles are moving adverts for your business and poor driving can lead to the loss of potential business, as well as reputation.

Driver Safety, Training & Coaching: ​

Using CameraMatics gives you the opportunity for consistent training of all drivers. The system provides real-time feedback enabling step-by-step coaching for drivers – where needed. It’s easy to see if a particular driver needs to focus on harsh braking, for instance. Increased feedback leads to improved driver safety and general safety and gives the opportunity to reward consistently safe practices. It also works to improve driver retention.


What does the Driver Scorecard entail?

The CameraMatics system processes the vast amount of collected data relating to driving behavior and visualizes it as a Driver Scorecard.

So, in the CameraMatics Dashboard, you can see – at a glance – what is happening with your drivers, against a range of agreed markers. Each driver can see their own scorecard in the Driver app.

The Driver Scorecard encompasses the three key main risky driving behaviours:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh steering

For the many customers who use our ADAS technology, other factors can come into play.

  • Phone usage
  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Forward Collision
  • Lane Departure
  • Tailgating

The parameters above are all available as standard but they’re also customizable – you can adjust or switch any of them on and off at any point.

You are in control. Simple sliders enable you to set the tolerance levels and priorities for your drivers. You know your context best and know what you need to prioritise and focus on.


Rewarding Drivers

It’s easy to focus only on driving which throws up issues. Driver Scorecard enables you to easily see how all your drivers are doing and reward those who consistently drive in an excellent manner – or those who take on board training and feedback and improve.

After all, as humans, we all respond well to encouragement and praise. Some customers have even embraced the gamification and created incentives and leaderboards for driving – a little bit of competition goes a long way!


Proof – not just data

Driver Scorecard is just one of the many features of the CameraMatics system. Telematics is no longer enough for fleets; data cannot simply be gathered and sit waiting for interpretation, it should be instantly accessible and visual.

With connected technology like CameraMatics, data becomes proof – thanks to connected camera footage.

That’s why CameraMatics is the future of risk profiling within the logistics industry. Connected technology gives conclusive proof of the when, where, how and even why of what happened in any vehicle at any time. It improves safety, reduces costs and ensures compliance.


What are you waiting for?

Driver Scorecard is just one component of the complete CameraMatics Fleet Risk Management solution. Give yourself a complete view of your operation – including driver behavior.

Reduce risk, improve safety and compliance and simplify your working life with CameraMatics.