New CameraMatics Features: January 2021

Posted 19 Jan 2021

Like all good technology, the CameraMatics platform is constantly evolving.


Today we’re releasing two new enhancements to the CameraMatics system. The first is a development to the Fuel Purchase Submission functionality and the second relates to Unassigning Drivers from vehicles.

These updates have been developed in response to customer feedback. We believe they will further increase the functionality of your fleet manager software, improve efficiency and make your daily work easier. Read on for more details.

Fuel Purchase Submission

Mobile phone fuel purchase

In addition to submitting fuel purchase receipts through the Driver App, drivers are now prompted to take and submit a photo of the odometer reading on their vehicle.

The Driver App confirms submission of the images and the information will be instantly available to the Fleet Manager on both the CameraMatics Portal and the Fleet Manager App.

With one simple additional step, this update allows fleet managers to keep an even closer eye on vehicle mileage, fuel costs and efficiency.

Fleet Managers now have several options:

  • Manually assign and unassign Drivers to particular vehicles via the CameraMatics Portal. This is a simple, intuitive process taking under a minute.
  • Automatically schedule Drivers to be unassigned from vehicles at a set time. This can be done in bulk for multiple vehicles and drivers.
  • Enable or disable Drivers from unassigning themselves from vehicles using the Driver App. This function allows you to follow your own company protocols for driver assignment.

We’re here to help.

The CameraMatics Customer Success team are here to ensure you get the best out of your CameraMatics system.

If you would like more information on the above updates or a step by step walkthrough, then please do not hesitate to contact the team by email at [email protected].

Over the next few weeks, the team will be contacting all customers directly to introduce themselves. In the meantime, you can find out more about the new department in our recent blog Introducing CameraMatics Customer Success.