Why Professional Commercial Drivers Should Insist On Vehicle Camera Systems

We often speak with fleet operators who tell us that their drivers are a bit unsure and nervous about having vehicle cameras on the vehicles they drive. Some worry about the possible invasion of privacy and how the footage will be used, or potentially being exposed to blame because of them. However, what we see is that once vehicle cameras are implemented, drivers begin to whole-heartedly accept them and are glad of them. Let’s explore the reasons why.

Posted 3 Jan 2022

Protection For Your License

The most obvious reason why drivers love vehicle connected cameras is that they offer them ultimate protection from getting the blame for an accident. Just this week, a customer of ours had a driver who was involved in a serious accident with a cyclist. The accident was not his fault. Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial vehicles and their drivers, it’s very much ‘guilty until proven innocent’ in the eyes of the law. However, in this case, thanks to CameraMatics telematic solution, with remote cloud access, the fleet operator was able to quickly download the footage and provide it to the police. They could immediately see that it was actually the cyclist who was at fault for the accident, so the driver was free to go without arrest or further hindrance.

Vehicle cameras can also protect drivers from members of the public who may get aggressive towards them. An internal dome camera can see everything that happens in the cab. Any incident can be recorded and used if the driver is involved in an altercation. Some drivers feel the dome camera breaches their privacy when they’re on their breaks, but our system can be configured so the in-cab camera stops recording when the ignition is turned off, leaving the rest recording for security.

A major concern for commercial drivers is accident fraud and what a bad outcome can mean for their license. It is at near epidemic levels now, not only across Europe but in the UK and Ireland as well, but with a full camera system, you can capture any attempt at fraud from multiple angles, so you’re fully protected from these fraudulent claims.

Clarity & Transparency

Fleet operators want to hire the best and safest drivers. By reviewing vehicle camera footage, drivers can look at near-miss situations and improve their driving and efficiency in the future, increasing their driving score.

On the flipside, if a fleet operator criticizes a driver for driving erratically, when the driver was in fact reacting to a hazard, they can both refer to the footage where the driver’s actions can be justified.

Improved Safety

Many fleet operators and drivers overlook the benefits that cameras have in avoiding accidents. CameraMatics system can be used as an aid to help drivers while maneuvering. For example, by integrating our CameraMatics with the trucks systems, when the driver indicates to turn, or engages reverse gear, the corresponding camera view will appear on the monitor in the cab so the driver can see if there’s a hazard in their way.

In Summary

We know the many dangers commercial drivers face when on the roads. But far from adding blame on a driver, vehicle cameras, in the vast majority of cases, will protect their license and job, as well as increasing their safety. Whether it’s spotting a hazard on the cameras or an aggressive member of the public who thinks twice about getting aggressive when they see the camera in your cab, vehicle cameras can protect you from physical harm.

Ultimately, installing vehicle cameras will separate the good drivers from the bad. The good and professional drivers will recognize that it’s a useful driving tool.

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