Dynamic driver alerts

Ultimate protection for drivers and vehicles

With a 360° view around every vehicle, we detect dangers in real-time and provide clear, accurate in-cab alerts when required. Our unique AI engine detects vulnerable road users around the vehicle and ensures drivers know where they are. Result? A safer fleet. 

The benefits

CameraMatics moves the needle on the metrics that matter

AI Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Checks Driver Vigilance And Alerts Them When It Detects Signs of Fatigue Or Distraction

Driver monitoring

Identify and stop dangerous driving habits

Our AI Driver Monitoring System continuously checks driver vigilance. We spot dangers such as fatigue that other systems miss, plus distraction, smoking and phone usage.

We warn provide audible in-cab warnings to stop accidents happening, and enable fleet managers to spot trends and issues to guide customised driver feedback and training.

360° vision

Our scalable solution gives you all the vision you need

Preventing accidents starts with seeing everything around your fleet. Our scalable, extensible system eliminates blind spots entirely. And if accidents do occur, you’ll always have the footage you need to resolve the consequences in the most cost-effective way possible.

Continuous improvement

Automated, customised driver training

The CameraMatics platform is constantly identifying areas for improvement, and we provide customised driver training within the app: helping improve your safety record over time. The result? A safer fleet, fewer accidents, less cost.

Total visibility across your fleet

See everything, store everything, retrieve everything

We give fleet managers total visibility over their drivers and vehicles, in real-time. We record and highlight incidents as they happen, and we automatically store all relevant data relating to accidents and near misses.  

Even better, fleet managers can score events so you reward good driving, and tackle bad driving, based on truthful and accurate data.

In support of VisionZero

Zero fatalities in road traffic accidents isn’t a pipedream. It’s a realistic objective. And CameraMatics is proud to be the technology that will make it happen. Our advanced safety engine will enable your fleet to play its part.