Stay supported

To continue to enjoy uninterrupted support, upgrade now

In April 2024 CameraMatics 1.0 will no longer be supported. The hardware you are using is becoming obsolete and will compromise the effectiveness of the system, making it harder to retrieve camera data when you need it.

The good news? It’s easy to upgrade and we are here to help you. Just get in touch.

Extended, guaranteed coverage

Upgrade now and enjoy a full hardware and software guarantee for the length of your contract

CameraMatics now provides up to five years of guaranteed servicing and repairs on both the hardware and software involved in an installation. In other words, if something goes wrong: we’ll fix it for no charge.

The leading fleet management solution

CameraMatics is everything you need to reduce accidents, save fuel, and operate efficiently

Upgrading gives you access to an integrated fleet management solution that reduces your total cost of fleet ownership.
CameraMatics Advanced AI Based Collison Avoidance System

A safer fleet

Accidents cost your business money. We stop them happening

When you upgrade to the latest version of CameraMatics, you get best-in-class protection from accidents. With AI detection of vulnerable road users, comprehensive high-definition camera coverage, and integrated an integrated safety and training platform, our system helps keep your drivers on the road, and the lawyers at a distance…

SafeMatics Illustration DVS Ready

Meet emerging regulations

Need DVS24 compliance. We have you covered

In 2024 new DVS standards will mean a significant percentage of the UK fleet will not longer be compliant to operate in the Greater London area. Upgrading to a DVS compliant system from CameraMatics means you won’t be among them. Get in touch today and we’ll have you sorted