CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows Driver Data

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Decarbonize & Empower Driver Safety

MySafeDrive has been developed to address the pressing challenges faced by businesses striving to achieve their decarbonization and safety goals.

Seamlessly integrating into pre-existing workflows, requiring no hardware.

Which allows for the simplified monitoring and measuring of scope 1  and scope 3 emissions, sustainability objectives and ESG targets.

CameraMatics MySafeDrive App Available  On Both Apple Store and Google Play

Suitable For

Any Vehicle Type

  • Business vehicles

  • Personal vehicles for commuting

  • Other mode of transport (public transport)

CameraMatics MySafeDrive Scope Reporting

Understanding Scope 1, 2 & 3

Scope 1: Direct emissions produced by the company such as the company fleet. Making it possible to directly reduce them.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions such as purchased electricity, includes electric vehicles.

Scope 3: A wide range of indirect emissions, including supply chain emissions, and people commuting to work.

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows How Much CO2 Emission Data


Eco-Safe Driving

MySafeDrive, also measures the safety taken. Providing metrics that can empower drivers to drive more safely.

Driving safer, means less harsh driving activity – activity that increases fuel consumption.

By enabling safer driving, it will subsequently result in more sustainable driving.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reducing engine wear and tear

  • Less frequent tire and brake pad changes

  • Lower insurance costs

CameraMatics MySafeDrive Driver Score and Trip Details

How MySafeDrive Works

Every trip is allocated a classification, score, and the CO2 emissions produced are tracked. Metrics are generated using advanced data science and OEM data.

Journey classifications and scores are based on:

  • Driving Behaviour
  • Journey Type
  • Trend Analysis

Advanced AI modelling Classifications include driving profiles, such as:

  •  Aggressive
  •  Assertive
  •  Conservative
  •  Cautious
  •  Timid


CameraMatics MySafeDrive Platform Dashboard

Visualize your Eco-transformation

Upon set-up MySafeDrive has a pre-set emissions focused dashboard.  Other dashboards can be readily added to meet customer-specific needs.

The dashboards are interactive supporting filtering from various perspectives (driver, vehicle, group, etc.).

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