ATC is protecting Fleet Drivers with CameraMatics

When leading Logistics and Transport firm, ATC, were looking into protecting fleet drivers with a connected camera system to improve fleet driver safety, they turned to CameraMatics for expert help.

Posted 29 Jan 2022

ATC’s fleet includes an impressive range of vehicles. With a diverse fleet, the company wanted to install a connected Camera system that was adaptable, future-proof, and could be accessed remotely to protect drivers and fleet.

We spoke to Pawel Kowalski, ATC’s Fleet Supervisor, to hear his thoughts on fleets, technology, and CameraMatics.

Protecting drivers

Pawel tells us that the decision to implement a connected vehicle camera system was driven by the company’s safety priority.  A connected solution was an excellent way of protecting fleet drivers, prioritizing the security of the driver, the vehicle, and the load. Specifically, the ability of a camera system with DVR recording systems to provide incontrovertible evidence that protects drivers and resolves insurance disputes in the case of incidents was also a big attraction.

Fully featured

A key feature for ATC is the ability to remotely download camera footage. For instance, with vehicles out on the continent for periods of up to five weeks, a system that only allowed footage access when the trucks were in the depot wouldn’t be adequate. Pawel tells us that remote download is regularly helpful in many situations to protect drivers and fleets.

As well as the camera footage, the CameraMatics system’s tracking feature comes in handy too.

"As monitoring of our fleet is really important to us, we use CameraMatics for both the cameras and tracking of the vehicles. The tracking enhances the footage and it can be helpful to compare the results with our main tracking system”

Driven by safety

ATC’s drivers have an impressive safety record. This is testament to the standard of training provided, the calibre of the drivers and the many measures, including CameraMatics, that the company has implemented to make their service stand out.

Pawel appreciates the technical support from CameraMatics, telling us that the Dublin technical department is very good and up to speed with helping out with remote issues or advice.

Finally, we asked Pawel if he would recommend CameraMatics to other fleet managers.

"I would recommend CameraMatics to other fleet operators, particularly if their vehicles head out on the continent. The remote download function for the camera systems is a really handy option to have and has a big impact. As for service, CameraMatics is always there to answer the phone and tries to resolve any issues in the best possible way.”
Pawel Kowalski
ATC’s Fleet Supervisor