Powell’s Motorsport: A first place finish

Posted 18 Jul 2022

Thruxton post-race analysis with Steve Powell

Round three of the British Truck Racing Championship at Thruxton Race Circuit, took place July 9th and 10th. After a weekend of great success for the team, especially the final race, which Powell’s Motorsport took first place in.

We wanted to catch up with the team and get their thoughts, after they’ve had some time to let the smoke settle after such an intense weekend. Thankfully, Steve took some time out of their busy schedule to sit down with us and answer some questions.

Powell's Motorsport A First Place Finish At The British Truck Racing Championship

Q. How do you feel after your win?

A. I am feeling extremely happy after my win at Thruxton, it is something I have wanted to achieve for a very long time. It has given myself and the team a real boost for the rest of the season.


Q. How do you feel having CameraMatics’ onboard influenced your performance at Thruxton?

A. The final race on Sunday was my first time starting in Pole position, having CameraMatics onboard enabled me to see exactly what was going on behind. Throughout the race Stuart was right on my tail and again my rear cameras gave me an advantage on covering the lines he tried to take.

Powell Motorsport Racing Truck At The British Truck Racing Championship

Q. What insights have you gained from the platform, that you are now using during the races?

A. Having CameraMatics onboard has enabled my team to monitor my performance during the race, they are able to feed this information back to me and in turn make the improvements needed. After the race we are also able to review the footage and make further improvements to both truck set up and my racing tactics.

Truck Racing At The British Truck Racing Championship

Q. How do you feel for the next race after a great weekend at Thruxton?

A. Myself and the team are really looking forward to Donnington, It is a great circuit and one of the biggest crowd pullers. Our main focus for the weekend is a good qualifying session, a good qualifying session shapes your whole weekend.

For their first season in division one, it is a great accomplishment that Powell’s Motorsport are already clocking sixth on the leader board against division one veterans. Steve and team are confident that they can finish the season even stronger as they continue to see more enriched insights come through the platform, as they progress through the season. Insights they are sure will aid in creating a trend of finishing in first place.

Steve celebrating the win