With fuel prices soaring it is time to look again at squeezing more fuel efficiency out of your fleet

Posted 23 Mar 2022

Green fleet management is simple in concept:

  • Drive less
  • Drive more economically
  • Drive greener vehicles

But you might be forgiven for thinking that’s easier said than done.

Understanding your fleet’s operating costs and related carbon emissions is not always so straight forward. Techniques to reduce the number of vehicle journeys, rely on actionable data insights and identifying effective practical steps to take to encourage drivers to drive more economically, which isn’t always obvious.

However, considering surging global fuel prices, green fleet management and reducing waste and operating costs is in fact just good business sense and identifying effective solutions is easier than you might think.

Driving less is in fact just driving smarter. How many frustrated drivers find out at the end of their journey that the order has been cancelled or rerouted? Had they been alerted in real-time it would have saved fuel and wasted man hours.

Driving more economically is simply about becoming a better driver, rather than sacrificing performance. According to the Energy Savings Trust driver training delivers average fuel savings of around 6% over the long-term – that means a lower carbon footprint and lower fleet operating costs.

The introduction of new mechanisms and regulatory tools to tackle the challenge of climate change mean that the pressures on transport and logistics businesses to reduce their carbon footprint are here to stay and the businesses that invest now in a more sustainable and fuel-efficient fleet management approach will be those businesses that win over the long term.

Now is the time to look again at squeezing more fuel efficiency out of your fleet.


CameraMatics is a vehicle operations management cloud platform built on camera and vision systems, AI, smart workflows, machine learning and Internet of Things.

The CameraMatics cloud translates the big data from an array of vehicular sensors, a bespoke suite of fitted high-definition smart cameras and edge compute devices into actionable insights.

These enable:

  • Route optimisation
  • Fuel efficiency driver coaching
  • Reduced vehicular wear & tear