Live video reduces accident claims for Martin Ryan & Sons

Case Study. Martin Ryan & Sons have been using CameraMatics Fleet Camera Solutions for all their vehicles with impressive results.

Posted 11 Dec 2021
Martin Ryan Directors and Truck Fleet

Martin Ryan & Sons has excelled in haulage and transport for over 60 years. In line with their ethos of always striving to be the best in the business, Martin Ryan & Sons were early adopters of fleet camera solutions and are long term satisfied customers. The company operate an impressive mixed fleet providing a range of services including waste transport,  tanker transport, specialist refrigeration transport, warehousing and bulk tippers.

It’s more than two years since our original Case Study with the company, so we spoke to Brendan Ryan for an update. Brendan highlighted how deploying CameraMatics vehicle cameras has reduced the number of fraudulent claims against the company’s vehicles. On multiple occasions, camera footage has proved drivers weren’t at fault. It has as drastically reduced the legal fees associated with claims – reducing overall operating costs.

Since 2017, the business has continued to grow. As the fleet has expanded and evolved, so has their use of fleet camera solutions – the company has continued to prioritise investment in their CameraMatics systems.

Enhancements in CameraMatics

We asked Brendan what he felt the biggest changes to the CameraMatics fleet management system since we last spoke. “Without a doubt a major enhancement is the fact that the system has gone live and it’s in the cloud. We don’t have to wait for a truck to return to base to access footage. In the event of an incident or accident this makes a big difference to us as we’re able to immediately verify what happened and start to use fleet camera solutions

Brendan uses the CameraMatics Manager app to download footage when he’s away from the office – something which is very helpful as he and his brothers regularly drive the trucks themselves as they remain at the heart of the operations of the whole business. Additionally, he’s starting to roll out the Driver app for checks too.

The CameraMatics Proactive Email Alerts System is something else that Brendan believes has made his life easier. “I no longer need to rely on drivers reporting back, for instance, that they’ve seen from their in-truck screen that the front left camera has been knocked and isn’t working.

Now, I need to know about cameras on over 100 trucks! Knowing that all cameras are operating as they should and being alerted of any camera needing attention is extremely useful as I can arrange any maintenance needed straight away.

This simple but effective CameraMatics feature means that each and every night, our software audits every CameraMatics enabled vehicle in every fleet. It sends fleet managers a simple email update, so they can quickly get a full status of each vehicle’s camera system before it goes out on the road.  This way, any system failures or software issues are caught in advance. It gives operators peace of mind, knowing their fleet’s reporting functionality is fully operational.

Impressive Customer Service

What about our customer service – is that as good as it was back in 2017? Absolutely!

Brendan told us,

For me, managing a large and diverse fleet, the after service is key. We need to keep our fleet on the road – our customers rely on us. And we in turn rely on CameraMaticsWe find CameraMatics customer service excellent – CameraMatics understand transport, fleets and the issues which are crucial to our continued success.

The system is very good and there are rarely issues but if there is something not functioning as it should, or for instance a camera has been damaged, then I need it to be restored as soon as possible. CameraMatics delivers this – we have a good relationship with the engineers and the company as a whole. After service is good and is part of the reason I continue to recommend the company to others.

Insurance matters

Insurance isn’t cheap for any fleet – let alone a fleet of 100+ vehicles. It won’t surprise anyone in the industry to hear that Brendan still rates insurance as one of the top issues facing fleet operators. Brendan told us that using CameraMatics has continued to reduce claims that would have gone against them if they hadn’t had the camera footage to prove driver non-fault – because so often the truck is assumed to be at fault, even when they’re not. “It has saved me money and a lot of hassle over the last few years.” he says.

Brendan believes that having CameraMatics cameras on the fleet has helped to hold premiums at a standstill over the last few years. Like many other fleet operators, he hopes that in the future as more information can be shared with insurers that operators employing top-quality technology solutions to maximise fleet safety will be see their premiums fall

A solution they rely on

Martin Ryan & Sons haulage fleet makes over 150 movements a day, travelling over 7 million km a year across Ireland, the UK and Europe. They need a solution they can rely on. We asked Brendan to sum up in a few words how he feels about CameraMatics.

Has CameraMatics helped our company? Yes.

Would I put a truck on the road in the morning without the cameras? No!

CameraMatics has saved us money, it has saved us hassle and it has given me peace of mind.

Simon Murray, CameraMatics co-founder and Director said, “We’re delighted to see Martin Ryan & Sons continue to grow and their commitment to vehicle and driver safety is second–to–none. They’re one of our long-term customers we’re very pleased that our team and our solutions are serving them well, keeping them on the road and helping control their costs. We wish the whole team every continued success.”