Driver experience and safety at the heart of new fleet management technology

Posted 26 May 2022

The launch of an automated fleet safety and performance cloud perfect for light commercial vehicles from Dublin-based CameraMatics puts driver safety front and centre. DashMatics has been designed to improve visibility, digitize processes, and manage risk; ensuring drivers are protected and accident claims are handled efficiently.

Dual front dash and interior facing cameras integrated with the CameraMatics connected platform simultaneously capture video footage of the driver and the road ahead. Artificial Intelligence (AI) triggers automatic video recording before, during and after any event and this footage is sent in real-time alerts to fleet managers.

To help prevent accidents, driver behaviour is remotely monitored, and voice alerts can be triggered at the sign of drowsiness, distraction and mobile phone usage. However, if an incident were to occur, a simple and intuitive app can be used by both fleet manager and driver to manage the process, making manual paper-based reports a thing of the past. First Notification of Loss (FNOL), remedial driver coaching, and vehicle maintenance data are all managed within the app, removing the reliance on human intervention and streamlining the processes.

Accident data is captured alongside high-definition video footage, which enables drivers and fleet operators to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine incidents in timely and cost-effective manner.

The app empowers drivers by giving them access to remote learning, simplifying their admin, reducing vehicle downtime and providing peace of mind, knowing that incident-related evidence will be automatically collected and processed. Dynamic scorecards are produced, which track performance indicators such as harsh braking or speeding to enable targeted coaching and rewards programmes.

Using the data captured via the DashMatics platform, insurers can develop better informed risk profiles of fleets, passing on savings to operators where appropriate and expediting the claims process using the real-time evidence available.

Commenting on the real-time cloud-based solution, CameraMatics’ CEO, Mervyn O’Callaghan says that

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“we’re continuously innovating and looking for new ways to protect drivers and address fleet managers’ operational challenges. DashMatics not only automates the otherwise time-consuming FNOL process, but it fully digitizes claims and enables real-time visibility, providing context in the event of an incident”.