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Our team will work with you to identify the very best solution setup for your fleet.

Below are some of the most popular configurations. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. 

6 Camera System

An ideal setup for a Rigid HGV, this configuration provides a complete 360˚ view. 

Real time access to live and historic video footage, and instant manager alerts to any device via the CameraMatics Suite. 


4 Camera System

The most common setup for a Tractor Unit, complete visibility for the driver and a full record of every journey thanks to recorded video footage, securely backed up in the cloud.

Many customers add an additional driver-facing camera as part of our collision avoidance modules. 


3 Camera System

Safety is paramount for construction vehicles, whether on a busy building site or making regular drops.

This popular camera setup for construction vehicles increases the driver's visibility, creating a safer environment for all. 



3 Camera System

Simple and cost-effective, this three-camera set up is deployed in thousands of vans by our customers across the world. 

Improve safety and efficiency, protect vehicles and drivers and have incontrovertible evidence in the event of an accident or incident.


1 Camera System

Perfect protection for small vans, taxis, minicabs, sales vehicles and more. 

An extremely popular choice for small business owners. 


7 Camera System

Buses and coaches all over the world are protected with CameraMatics. Never miss a thing, inside or outside the vehicle. 

Perfect for vehicles making frequent stops. Safety and security for drivers, passengers and other road users. Add more cameras for a double-decker vehicle. 

  • Ken Wellbelove, Transport Co-ordinator, Condell Ltd

    I would just like to let you know what great advantage we have found since CameraMatics fitted five cameras to all our commercial trucks and VW Crafter vans.

    Insurance claims, deciding liability in incidents - we can see exactly what happened in real-time from all angles, moments after an accident happened. 

    Our drivers like it as it can prove they were not at fault. We have also found it an advantage from a business view, as we have load cameras that can help in any disputes about a particular delivery. Delivering and driving around London the system is a great asset. 

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