Scaffolders can now prove their compliance

Posted 1 Jun 2022

Scaffolding services firm uses some of the newest equipment in the southeast. Services include debris netting, overhead protection, and weather containment to keep workers, building occupants, and passersby safe and secure. Every design is unique for example, fitting scaffolding to complex-shaped structures and protecting historical architecture.

The nature of the business carries risk, the combination of building large, temporary scaffolding structures to extreme heights, requires attention to detail. It was critical for the firm to integrate safety into each employee’s job requirements and hold employees to the highest standards. In support of this ethos, they felt they needed a technology solution that would support drivers in their day-to-day tasks.

Construction Vehicle

Scaffolders can now prove their compliance


The transportation of scaffolding carries challenges, as the semi-trucks are large and carry significant loads, often with hundreds of strong cross sections, support sections as well as hoists and industrial elevators

Scaffolding pieces are heavy and if any fall from a truck, even a single corner joint can do significant damage. The industry also has a requirement for flatbed trucks, where the driver must stop and check the load after the first 50 miles of a trip, then recheck every 150 miles after that.

Apart from taking preventative steps to minimize incidents, the scaffolding firm also wanted a solution to gather evidence of any incidents that may occur to help support investigations and enable them to defend against false claims and manage genuine claims quickly and appropriately.

Understanding these requirements CameraMatics partnered with them to build a robust custom vehicle and driver safety program, encompassing not only on-the-road safety, but non-driving safety too. Custom high-definition camera configurations were installed and combined with bespoke digital driver workflow management tools to monitor the flatbed of the truck.


Field staff use a CameraMatics app on their phones to complete pre-trip and post-trip safety checks, take video of equipment after it has been delivered and record when it was delivered and the condition it was in. The driver remotely submits this digital safety check along with video footage and the details are stored and available instantly to central office teams who can retrieve the footage, as well as the driver safety check imagery. This evidence can then be used to challenge fraudulent claims and exonerate their teams.

Scaffolders can now prove their compliance by following a simple digitized check procedure within their app – pulling over to the side of the road, walking around and filing the load and uploading the video as they check the load straps. All the relevant information is time-stamped and available to Safety and Operations Managers instantly within in the CameraMatics fleet management system.

Field staff are now empowered to manage their own safety. Digital workflows help them ensure all items are checked, inspected, and adjusted and the drivers no longer have to manage pages of paperwork and easily alert central teams to issues remotely, without ever having set foot in the office