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CameraMatics transforms fleets

As essential as insurance for today’s vehicles

Operating commercial vehicles is a risky business. Whether you have a large fleet of HGVs or a handful of vans, it is no longer as simple as transporting goods or people from A to B.  Today, you are responsible for Maximising Safety, Protecting Drivers, Ensuring Compliance, Controlling Costs, and Managing Risk.

CameraMatics is designed by experts to help proactive companies to meet fleet challenges head-on. We are right beside you on your fleet management journey.

Essential As Insurance EU V2
CM Vehicle Checks V3

Meet challenges head on with CameraMatics

The smart choice for vehicles and fleets of all shapes and sizes. CameraMatics offers a unique solution comprising market-leading intelligent software and proprietary hardware.

  • Manage vehicles and drivers with a single, easy-to-use software platform
  • Improve safety with intelligent fleet risk management
  • Reduce accidents, incidents and hassle with improved driving
  • Create efficiency savings with streamlined processes
  • Stay legal with total compliance management
the intelligent choice

Modular and Dynamic to fit your needs

One size doesn’t fit all. CameraMatics is a dynamic solution that is modular and future-proof. Integrate existing kit with our APIs and add new modules, units or vehicles as and when you need them.

Our in-house development team will ensure CameraMatics is a perfect fit for your business.

CameraMatics is a full-stack SaaS solution, which means we control and develop the entire software application; from front-end (user interface) to the back end (database and internal architecture) and the code that connects the two.

Talk to one of our experts to find the best solution for your fleet needs.

Essential As Insurance V3 (1)

One solution, countless benefits.

Find out just some of the amazing benefits CameraMatics can offer you.

  • Single, easy-to use solution

    No need to juggle multiple systems.

    A complete SaaS platform helps you manage every aspect of your fleet. Connected Camera systems, tracking & telematics, AI and compliance in one package, designed by experts. All combined with proprietary fleet safety modules.

  • Real-time visibility, anywhere

    The eyes and ears of your fleet.

    Immediate insight and a complete picture of vehicle, driver and safety performance. Easy-to-use platform, with full access to the powerful CameraMatics Suite from your desktop, phone or tablet. Instant, bespoke notifications.

  • Reduces costs

    Identify and predict risks, improve driving behaviour and avoid collisions.

    Reduce time off the road for incidents, minimise wear and tear and keep a lid on insurance. Create operational efficiencies

  • Improves safety and prevents collisions

    Intelligent driver coaching, AI-enabled warnings - Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.

    Full Accident and incident reporting with emergency hot button, manager alerts and FNOL.

  • Powerful protection from false claims

    With incontrovertible video evidence, driver behaviour statistics and proof of safety-checks after accidents or incidents. Get the facts on-demand to limit liability and keep vehicles on the road.


  • Ensures compliance

    Store all information in one secure, cloud-based place. Verified and time-stamped vehicle check records. MOT, VRT, Tax, Insurance and Servicing renewal warnings. Reduce paperwork, never miss a deadline and get organised. All stored in the cloud with on-demand retrieval to prove regulatory compliance.

  • Controls risk

    Full visibility on potential issues; understand, predict and control risks based on your own parameters. Driver Scorecard technology helps identify biggest risks and gives a complete overview of driving quality.

Protection you cannot afford to be without

Annual savings on insurance-related costs
Reduction in erratic driving behaviours
Reduction in accident claims
ROI within 7 months on average

Get started with CameraMatics

Book a personalised online demo with a member of our expert team to see all the CameraMatics features for yourself and discover the benefits for your business.