Introducing CameraMatics Customer Success

Technological developments at CameraMatics have always been customer-driven. Satisfied customers are the heart of our success. As we continue to grow, we know it is essential our customers remain at the heart of the business, so we’re pleased to introduce our new Customer Success department.

Posted 27 Dec 2021

We want to apply innovative and market-leading values that drive our award-winning product development to the whole of the CameraMatics business. This means providing you – our valued customers – with an industry-leading customer experience, from the very beginning of your journey with us.


What does this mean for customers?

In short – we want to make our customers’ lives easier!

We want to help customers to get the most out of their fleet manager software . This means ensuring that you and your teams benefit from the full functionality of your CameraMatics system. It’s also where to come if you need support or assistance.

We strive to ensure we consistently give high standards of service which always meet your expectations.

We also know it’s important we communicate really well to keep you informed about changes and updates to the technology.


What’s the plan?

All the best projects take time, and we want to do this really well. Even the best innovators can’t introduce everything overnight!

To begin this important process, it’s crucial we speak to, and listen to, you – our customers. We’d love to hear your views – if you haven’t already, and you’re a current CameraMatics customer, please take part in this short customer survey. This will help us identify where to focus energy and help us to plan.

Over time we plan to give you a whole hub of support resources: from ‘how to’ videos to a customer community and online support function. But this will take time to develop – please bear with us! You can help by telling us what you’d like to see, and what would help you.


The Customer Success team

CameraMatics Customer Success is headed up by Shay Devoy, our new Head of Customer Success. Shay brings a wealth of experience in customer-focused and operations roles, and an impressive track record of delivering top-class customer care. Shay is based in the Dublin Office, though his role covers the whole CameraMatics business.

Shay said, “I’m delighted to have joined CameraMatics at this exciting time. The offering is second-to-none and there are so many ways we can add value for our customers. I would love to hear from customers – please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send me an email.”

The Customer Success team will be the key point of contact for all customers and we hope you’ll get to know them well. If you haven’t already spoken to a member of the team, you can expect to hear from them soon.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, CEO, said, “Customer Success is crucial as we continue to grow the business both at home and internationally. Establishing the Customer Success Team and appointing someone as experienced and passionate as Shay to lead it reflects the level of priority we believe our customers deserve. We’re excited about the future.”

Shay and the Customer Success team would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected], call 804.420.2833 067 2741 to speak to Shay directly or contact your local office who will put you in contact.