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CameraMatics technology is constantly evolving and new developments are regularly released. 

As new Feature Updates become available, information will be shared on this page, to ensure customers are always up to date.

Please also see our Help Centre for a range of video and PDF how-to-guides. 

The Customer Success Team are always ready to assist customers with any aspect of the CameraMatics solution, please do contact us on 

6 July, 2021

Fleet Safety Centre Update

We're pleased to let you know that the second functionality update to the new and improved Fleet Safety Centre is now live.

The main change you will notice is that the main menu has moved from the top right to the left-hand side. From here you can access all key Fleet Safety information. All other functionality remains the same.

Remember, the Fleet Safety Centre is where you view all key top-line fleet safety and administration information, including:

  • Vehicle Checklists – status, schedules, etc.
  • Accidents
  • Documentation and Compliance (To Dos)
  • Fleet Driver Scorecards
  • Fleet Information – including vehicles, drivers and fuel card information.
CM Fleet Safety Centre Laptop Mockup
Fleet Safety Dashboard
14 May 2021

An Upgrade to the CameraMatics Fleet Safety Centre

Today we have released an exciting new update to the CameraMatics Suite, the new and improved Fleet Safety Centre. Today's release is the first of a two-part update; the second stage upgrade will happen in the next few weeks. 

The key change is the introduction of a new home screen within the Fleet Safety Centre.This provides a one-screen, easy to understand, overview of fleet safety and compliance. Think of this as the safety equivalent of the familiar CameraMatics Dashboard which presents you with a complete overview of your fleet, hardware status, tracking, etc. 

For a detailed explanation of the new Fleet Safety Centre, please read our blog post, Introducing the new and improved CameraMatics Fleet Safety Centre.