Martin Ryan & Sons Transport

Posted 30 May 2022

Why Martin Ryan & Sons Haulage installed CameraMatics:

“The truck always seems to be a guilty party.”


  • The haulage company says the biggest benefit of CameraMatics cameras is being able to avoid expensive legal fees
  • In addition, Martin Ryan Haulage can defend itself and its drivers against fraudulent and no-fault insurance claims
  • The system has significantly improved awareness of driver behavior

Following almost 12 months of careful considerations and reviews of various vehicle camera systems, leading Irish haulage firm, Martin Ryan Haulage, chose to invest in CameraMatics offering. More than a year later, the team at Martin Ryan are delighted with the system and customer service provided by CameraMatics, and estimate that they have enjoyed savings of around 15% on overall costs.

The team required a large storage capacity for the footage, and a generally robust system. The company was also attracted by the ability to instantly access footage remotely, no matter where their trucks are located, which is especially important for international transport, and reduces the risk of not having access to crucial footage.

Martin Ryan Directors and Truck Fleet

About Martin Ryan & Sons

Based in County Limerick, Martin Ryan Haulage has over 50 years’ experience in the road freight business, having been founded in 1960 by the late Martin Ryan. Today, his sons Martin Jr., Declan and Brendan continue the family legacy. Their fleet operates across Ireland and the UK, as well as numerous European destinations, and comprises around 70 trucks and 100 trailer units. The business began by carrying cattle, sand and gravel before expanding into international and container transport in the 1980s, and more recently into warehousing and the transport of water treatment chemicals.

As is often the case with customers who turn to CameraMatics, Martin Ryan Haulage stated that they had previously struggled to defend against no-fault and fraudulent insurance claims, and started looking into the idea of vehicle cameras out of pure frustration. The ongoing cost of insurance and the way in which premiums are calculated was also identified as a major issue.

“The biggest benefit we’ve seen is being able to avoid the hefty legal fees that go hand-in-hand with most claims…”

Speaking about the company’s experience with CameraMatics products so far, Brendan Ryan said: “There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t review footage captured by our cameras. Being able to show, without doubt, that the other party is at fault ensures that our insurers fully defend the claim. However, the biggest benefit we’ve seen is being able to avoid the hefty legal fees that go hand-in-hand with most claims. Nine times out of ten, those fees are more expensive than the insurance claim payout.”

“We believe that the systems are a major contribution to the safety of our fleet…”

Brendan added that he has been particularly impressed by CameraMatics customer service and expert knowledge of the industry: “The haulage industry is unique and is about more than simply going from A to B, and a lot of people don’t realise quite what a complex and challenging business it is to operate. CameraMatics, on the other hand, understands how we work. They knew exactly where to position the cameras for optimal driver and vehicle security and we believe that the systems are a major contribution to the safety of our fleet. Even after two years, any queries we have are sorted without a fuss and we believe the cameras offer exceptional value for money.”

“Martin Ryan Haulage is an exceptional team of people whose expertise and heritage in the transport and logistics industry is plain to see. They were actually one of our first customers and we are delighted that our systems are still serving them well. All of us at CameraMatics wish the MRH team the very best for the future and we will be behind them every step of the way.”
Simon Murray
Founder / Director - CameraMatics